About Us & Contact Info

Welcome to our shop!  My name is Shelby.  I am a wife and mom to three teenagers. I have been making jewelry for almost 20 years. Last summer, we opened a little shop on Etsy. We have been growing so we decided to start our own website, and see where this journey takes us. I create with the design input & social media assistance of my daughter, Kyra. We create pieces that are usually unique - one or few of a kind.  A little boho. A little glam.  Always interesting. I enjoy using a variety of techniques with genuine gemstones, sterling silver, crystals, and anything else that strikes our fancy.  I work from my home studio in the Chicago suburbs with our 4 rescue canine coworkers supervising the activities. 

If you like pieces that are interesting & not mass produced, this is the place. Many of our pieces can be customized to your needs.  Just send us a message.  Hope you find something that speaks to you.  Thanks for stopping by!

Shelby & Kyra

Call or Text at 815 715 0001

Email at Info@whimsybeadworks.com